Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Big Muddy

Live from Glastonbury Festival 2016 

Our first day in the Green Futures field at Glastonbury more than made up for the mud and rain that delayed set-up and opening. We welcomed over 500 visitors to our stall yesterday!

One of our new activities even features real Glastonbury mud – the ‘shooting gallery’ was kindly provided by Ken Loades at the James Hutton Institute to demonstrate soil erosion, so we thought that filling one of the ‘targets’ with soil from the site seemed particularly appropriate. Visitors use water pistols to shoot at targets (turf, bare soil, concrete) to see the run-off from the different surfaces.

The high striker also has a relevant soily theme because the strengthometer demonstrates levels of soil compaction – is your impact on the soil equivalent to a fluffy bunny, a cow, a tractor, or Glastonbury Festival itself.

We’ll update the post with photos as soon as we have a better internet connection… Time to get back to the Big Muddy!


Carnival of the Animals

Roll up, roll up and step right in!

We’re parading a load of new games and activities at Glastonbury this year… Test your strength and find out about your impact on the soil with our beautiful high striker. Take aim at our shooting gallery and see erosion happen before your very eyes. Pick a pollinator to find out how efficient you are at pollinating flowers. 

‘Under Pressure’ – our high-striker

You can also pit your wits with our old favourite ‘whose poos?’.

The Bees and Beetles will be topping the bill, with a very special guest performance by the Worms in our brand new peep-show (Ooh-la-la)!

Your roadies this year come to you from the University of Lancaster, University of Nottingham/OPAL and the Federal University of Visoça, Brazil. 

The spectacle begins on Wednesday! Don’t miss it!