Take the weather with you

After the 2018 “Fallow Year”, Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n Roll returned to Glastonbury Festival in June 2019 with lots of new activities. Teaming up with colleagues at the Met Office, we themed the stall and activities around climate change.

With expert advice from newly minted MBE Richard Betts, we had a lot of fun spinning the wheels of climate fortune and trying our hand at weather forecasts for 2050 – you can watch all the forecasts in our YouTube playlist.

Visitors to the stall also contributed to the future of woodland in the UK – for each visitor who played ‘Create Your Ideal Woodland’, Wytham Woods agreed to plant an acorn from an ancient oak tree at Wytham Park near Oxford.

Last but not least, our stall featured some amazing artwork by Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff, and graphic designer Mike McInnerney, whose impressive portfolio includes the cover for Tommy by The Who.  We also displayed Glastonbury’s very own “warming stripes” by Ed Hawkins.

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