Festival Bugs

Introducing the 2019  #FestivalBugs team…

Emma (Lancaster University): I’m an ecosystem ecologist, which basically means I’m interested in everything, but I mostly work on forests and climate change. When not working, I’m probably listening to (or obsessing about) music and doing something creative. @panemma



Ali (Lancaster University): Resident dung-beetle specialist and co-winner of the BES Public Engagement Award 2016.  Fascinated by everything! Especially responses to change, species interactions, insects & uplands. @thatali_ecol




Nigel (Oxford University): I get paid to manage the University`s Research Woodland. Yes, I get paid to watch trees grow, play with tractors and make friends with badgers. Presently interested in anything beginning with B – Bees, badgers, bats, BBQ`s and Bush (Kate!)



Richard (MBE; Met Office and University of Exeter) I’m a Professor of climate science, using computer models to understand the working of the global carbon cycle and predict the future climate.  I’ve written reports for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the UK’s National Climate Change Risk Assessment. Also a big fan of loud, fast guitar music – I miss my long hair! @richardabetts



Alice (University of Kent) In September I’m starting a PhD exploring how spending time in nature impacts human happiness, and meanwhile I’m spending the summer helping kids connect with nature at RSPB Minsmere. When I’m not pond-dipping with 10-year-olds I’m usually trying to get lost in the woods somewhere.



mike-03Mike (New Phytologist Trust and Lancaster University): I’m a plant-soil ecologist turned science communicator. I’m fascinated by plants and fungi, how they grow and interact with the creatures that live in the soil, and how to communicate these things to a broad audiences! I also DJ in my spare time.




…and previous ‘lead’ Roadies (2013-2017):

Jo (University of Liverpool): I’m fascinated in all things ecology and evolution. My research focuses on how and why symbionts jump between different fruitfly-host species. When I’m not tending to the flies, you can usually find me outdoors or playing the cello…or doing something creative!



Nick (The Open University): I’m a PhD student studying how climate and people have changed tropical forests through time. I love talking about fossils and what the world was like in the past. I was a co-winner of the BES Public Engagement Award 2016. @PalaeoNick



Hannah (University of Liverpool): I’m interested in how insects affect forests, and am currently studying what ants and termites do in the rainforests of Borneo. When I’m not persecuting creepy-crawlies I’ll probably be mountain biking, attempting to do some gymnastics or generally jollying around in the hills.



William (University of Amsterdam): I want to understand how the world around us got to be the way that it is today, so my research focuses on examining fossils to work out what it was like in the past.  I also love to get out and about to enthuse people about science. @palaeolim



Catherine (Lancaster University): When I’m not knitting, doing zumba or drinking red wine I’m doing my main passion, which is ecology. I did my PhD on plant traits in hay meadows and I now work in research engagement at Lancaster University.



Frazer (Florida Institute of Technology): Roadie, filmmaker, Beatles fan, and bee expert, who simultaneously helped organised our tour in 2013 while doing a PhD on subfossil non-biting midges. He’s now working in Florida, where there are plenty of biting insects.



Helen (University of Bath): I’ve been taking science to fun places for over 17 years. Over the years you’ll have found me knitting about neuroscience, playing with physics on the beach or quizzing people with pub science. I now support researchers at the University of Bath with their public engagement activities.



Sarah (University of Nottingham): I’m an OPAL community scientist.  That means I get to work with lots of different community groups to do ecology research. I’m interested in how our environment is changing and how people can make a difference. I like being outside and getting my hands dirty. @sarahcpierce



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