Woodland Creation

Beautiful! One of the rewilding projects at the National Trust for Scotland

People love woodlands – in the UK, they’re the second most popular location after beaches and coastlands – but we don’t know what makes woodlands special.

Can you put your finger on a single aspect of woodlands that makes them appealing? No? We can’t either!

So we created a game that will help us find out why people love woodlands. We’re asking people to “create their ideal woodland” using a selection of tree species, animals, and woodland plants. Researchers at the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology  and the Lancaster Environment Centre will be able to evaluate the images to find out which aspects of woodland diversity are important to us.

Tree planting with the National Trust for Scotland

We’re deeply grateful to the National Trust for Scotland, who agreed to plant a tree for each completed image at Glastonbury 2017. So a big thank you to everyone who played our game at the festival – you’ve helped create a real woodland by planting 235 trees!

If you’d like to see your woodland, click on the links to the galleries below. The images are sorted by day and the title shows the name and location you gave us.

Your Ideal Woodland – Glastonbury 2017:

Glasto17 Woodland Gallery Wednesday

Glasto17 Woodland Gallery Thursday

Glasto17 Woodland Gallery Friday

Glasto17 Woodland Gallery Saturday

Glasto17 Woodland Gallery Sunday

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